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About Asbestos Flooring Testing Services
The most commonly requested asbestos testing service is for flooring projects. Flooring contractors for companies such as Home Depot and Empire Flooring often refer their customers to us for testing of older flooring that may contain asbestos.

While do-it-yourself testing is not necessarily considered "official" testing, we have found that most flooring companies will accept tests homeowners do themselves.

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Questions? Refer to the homeowner sampling guidance for sample instructions.
Examples of Types of Asbestos or Potential Asbestos Flooring
9x9-inch floor tile with feature strip
resilient sheet flooring
resilient stair tread
"battleship" linoleum
12x12-inch floor tile (black mastic suggests older tile and can be some indication of the likelihood of asbestos)
1970s faux tile linoleum
residual cut-back tile mastic
felt and paper underlayment
these 9x9-inch spare floor tiles tested for a customer ended up being "non-asbestos" (the concentration was 0.5-0.8 %, which is below the regulated amount)